Founded in 2018 Smog Genie was founded around the idea of helping people have a positive experience by assisting with getting them through their personal to do list. Although the DMV has streamlined online registration, we are still at a point where you still need to get a smog check done. Our Test Only smog inspection station services vehicles 2000 and newer and doesn’t even require a traditional sniffer test! We simply provide a visual inspection and plug into the ecu (engine control unit) port. This process is faster than the older tests and currently the only way we are testing vehicles. We are Star Certified. We provide unlimited retests in the first month, so you don’t even pay over and over again.


Our Mission

Smog Genie’s mission is to provide quality service and a pleasant customer experience. We are eager to join the local community and look forward to joining the local economy.


The waiting area is amazing , fast and the service is great the best smog check place in Rocklin or Roseville even I live now in Roseville I had to go to Loomis or Roseville last time to smog my cars, nothing compare to the price and the service the best smog check station in rocklin
— Sam J, Google My Business Review


Spacious Lobby

We have a spacious lobby, kids play area, chairs, sofa, and a huge parking lot so parking is never an issue. With neighborhood stores including Pizza Express, you can indulge in an excellent local favorite! with great food, atmosphere, wide screen tvs, etc.