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5514 Pacific St. Ste B180 Rocklin CA 95677

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Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 4:30pm

Sunday: 10:00am to 2:30pm


  • We Smog test All Vehicles for DMV Smog Certificates

  • Smog Check Certification

  • Smog Coupons

  • Inspection

  • Test Only Smog

  • Diesel Smog Check

  • Smog Testing for DMV Renewal

  • We can inspect and certify most vehicles: Cars – Trucks – RV’s – Buses – Vans – SUVs – Motorhomes

We Certify:

  • Diesel Vehicles

  • DMV Renewals

  • Change of Ownership – Selling or buying a vehicle

We also offer:

Smog Test, Smog Inspection, Smog Test Only, Smog Check Coupon Rocklin.


  • We smog test all vehicles

  • All DMV Smog Inspection

  • Diesel Smog Check

  • Smog Testing for DMV Renewal

  • Test Only directed Smog Checks

  • Smog Check for Out of State

  • Smog Certification

  • Smog Check Coupon Rocklin

Consumer Tips

Smog Genie recommend the following maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is operating cleanly to pass the state-mandated Smog Check. Smog genie offers Test-Only Smog Checks at its facility in Rocklin. A local DMV office will issue vehicle registration stickers once your vehicle has passed the Smog Check.

Make sure your vehicle’s gasoline cap fits your vehicle, isn’t damaged and is turned tightly in place. A vehicle without a gas cap is an automatic Smog Check test failure. The week of the Smog Check test, take the vehicle out for an extended drive, preferably on the freeway and especially if you’re regularly a “short trip” driver. Drive approximately 15 minutes or longer at varying speeds.